A Mission in Assisi, Italy

May 23, 2017

A Mission in Assisi, Italy | Zazzy Bandz

From Anita Voorhees:

"I will be serving with Send TN Missions from June 6 to July 19.  Send TN Missions is a ministry within the Tennessee Baptist Convention committed to sending Tennessee university students to share the love of Christ around the world as student missionaries.  I will be serving in Assisi, Italy.  Italy has a very rick religious history, but few are practicing Christianity today.  Like our country, there are a lot of people who claim to be Christian but have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My team will be focusing on personal evangelism and assisting the missionaries who are already at work in the country." 

If this is a mission you would like to support, use Donation Code: Anita in the notes when purchasing one of our Zazzy Bandz.

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