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All Things Curly with Wendy Dorrell & Guest Speaker Laura Smith

All Things Curly with Wendy Dorrell & Guest Speaker Laura Smith

The Spark Effect
Wendy connected with Laura because she just loved her hair. Laura shares her curly girl method called the "Laura Routine" along with her favorite products and hair accessories.  Episode 11 of the podcast, The Spark Effect by Wendy Dorrell, is now up and is for all her curly girls. Hear about their favorite products and hair Accessories! Click here to listen to this podcast.
Wendy Dorrell's Bio:
Wendy Dorrell is an amazing young lady from California and shares her experience with curly hair.
Originally from California, Wendy moved to NYC in 2004 and it became home. Within a year or so of moving to the big apple, her weight shot up to over 300 pounds and she suffered chronic headaches. Many tests and doctors later thyroid disease, as well as a small tumor in her head, was found. While the tumor is benign it did a lot of damage to her endocrine system. 

She was unhappy and felt awful physically.
Wendy shares, "I woke up one morning and popped in a DVD and did a yoga practice.  That one morning led to me doing yoga every single morning.  I lost 140+ pounds in my living room. My tumor shrank to half the size it had been, and I saw how truly powerful we can be when we show up for ourselves. It changed my whole life and put me on a path to helping others do the same." 

In addition to helping others with their health and fitness, she also worked full time in a corporate setting in midtown NYC for many years where she met her boyfriend, Lou.  She fell in love with him and with his children.  In 2017 she left the corporate job and started her own business full time. 

Over the years she has gone through yoga teacher training,  Zumba licensing, is a Piyo live instructor and has spent the last 10 years studying health and nutrition.  She has created online nutrition courses, hosted health workshops, been a guest speaker for training and launched the lifestyle podcast, The Spark Effect.

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