Make it extra special!

September 17, 2017

Make it extra special! | Zazzy Bandz

Remona found a unique fabric among her mom's sewing items.  To remember her in a positive way, she wrapped her Zazzy Bandz with the pretty piece and enjoys wearing it often.   PLUS she has the most comfortable headband, guaranteed!  It works best for medium to high volume hair    FITS like sunglasses! #painlessheadband #quick hairhack

Size Chart

Enhance the fit, feel, and look that is right for you.

The dimensions of both Zazzy Bandz are the same. However, the Slim Relaxed Fit with it's ergonomic design is slightly more flexible and will feel looser on the head compared to the Original Fit.

Original Fit

Perfect for those with an average head size. 

Slim Relaxed Fit

Perfect for those with an average to larger head size and those with increased sensitivity.

Options for Wearing Zazzy Bandz: