Zazzy Bandz-the comfortable headband-patented and guaranteed

Zazzy Bandz-the comfortable headband-patented and guaranteed

February 17, 2018

Hi!  I am  Janet L Purkey, MD.  I created Zazzy Bandz out of a desperate need for a comfortable headband. We are all changing all the time, so I let my hair grow out through one of my life changes.  Headbands, barrettes and ponytails all gave me a headache almost immediately.  I needed to keep hair away from my face while seeing patients.  I used my reading glasses then my favorite pair of sunglasses as my headband, but you can only do that so long before others comment!  I needed to maintain some style while allowing those former short bangs to grow out.  Out of need came the idea for ZB.

 I offer a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Zazzy Bandz, I will refund your purchase price!  The comfortable headband that fits like sunglasses.  FREE shipping in the U.S.

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