Plaid + Sparkles Two Pack (limited time offer)

Zazzy Bandz

This two-pack includes two different patterns in the same style. Please choose two original fit or two slim relaxed fit Zazzy Bandz® and SAVE.

Experience the look and feel that is right for you. The unique square design of the original fit Zazzy Bandz® is perfect for average head sizes. The ergonomic design of the slim relaxed fit Zazzy Bandz® is perfect for the average to larger head size and those with increased sensitivity.

Our philanthropic mission is to help nurture and educate the children of Peniel Centre Orphanage. A portion of the proceeds of each purchase supports the children of Peniel.  Please click here to read more. 

Specifications (Click here for the difference):

  • Height: 6 inches
  • Width: 5.75 inches
  • Top Depth: .5 inches (original) and .375 inches (slim) 
  • Package includes: 2 pcs

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