Shiny Penny Headband

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Shiny Penny Headband by Zazzy Bandz: Available in Original Fit or Slim-Relaxed Fit. Get volume and style without the headache.

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Shiny Penny Headband Specifications:

  • Height: 6 inches
  • Width: 5.75 inches

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Renfro (San Antonio, US)
Hair Texture: Straight
Face Shape: Square
Hair Volume: Normal, Thin

Combination Two-Pack: Hair Blending Colors

Thank you, Carolyn, for the 5-Star Review!

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Kristin Adams (Boyertown, US)
Hair Texture: Curly
Face Shape: Oval
Hair Volume: Normal
Why didn't I invent this?

I've always liked my hair pulled back with my glasses and wished I had this exact thing. If only I had put those thoughts into making one! Really happy with this. It's surprisingly comfortable (I got the lightweight one) and nicely made. Love how it looks in my hair. More volume than a regular headband. Awesome!

Thank you for the 5-Star Review, Kristin! We are glad to know that you find your Zazzy Bandz comfortable and presentable. Thank you for loving our idea.

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