Get Creative With Zazzy Bandz

Shop Volume, Style and No Headache

Flip your ZB so the feet face in either direction and achieve a different fit, feel, and look.

Keep scrolling for a straight and curly hair video tutorial.

Option 1

Easy and Most Common Way to Wear a Headband

Like wearing sunglasses, place the ZB above your ears or near your temples and slide into place.

Option 1 with Straight Hair

Option 2

Pull Back The Top Section of Hair

Get more volume, additional hold, and even less pressure.

  1. Pull back your bangs leaving some hair around the face.
  2. Insert your ZB from the top of your head.

This unique way of wearing your ZB will have you wearing your hair down more often.

Option 2 with Curly Hair

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Struggle with wearing glasses and headbands together? Flipping your Zazzy Bandz in the opposite direction can help achieve a more comfortable fit.