Recommended for medium to high volume textured hair. If you have thin, low volume hair, or a petite, narrow face, Zazzy Bandz may not work for you. Click here to find out why.

Zazzy Look #1

Like wearing sunglasses, place the ZB above your ears or near your temples and slide into place.

Flip your ZB so the feet face in either direction and achieve a different fit, feel, and look.

Zazzy Look #2

To achieve this look:
Pull back your bangs leaving some hair around the face and insert your ZB from the top of your head. You will get a whole new.

Solution: Thick hair
Try Zazzy Look #2 to relieve pressure.

Solution: Sliding + Hold
Try Zazzy Look #2 for extra hold.

Scalp Sensitivity + Pressure
Fit Recommendation: Slim Relax Fit. The design of this headband allows for more flexibility, making it perfect for those with a wider-framed face or who suffer from migraines.

Get the right fit

Designed for Comfort. Go ahead and push the Zazzy Bandz further back on your head. Experiment!

Elevate Your Style with a Wrapped Zazzy Bandz and achieve additional hold due to the texture of the various fabrics.

Get Wild! Teasing the hair with hair spray or gels can aid in extra hold and give you a whole new look.

Let Us Help. Unfortunately, we are not a one size fits all solution. We are here to help you get the right fit.

Experience the fit, feel, and look of Zazzy Bandz