The Perfect Fit for Your Hair Type + Face Shape

We hope this guide helps you decide if Zazzy Bandz® is right for you. Click here for a printable size guide.

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Achieve The Perfect Fit

Head Size

Medium to large head sizes is recommended.

*The headband will slide if you have a small head. See our printable size guide.

Face Shape

Works best for those with a heart, square, or round face shape.

*Not recommended for those with diamond face shape and may cause the corners to protrude with thin hair.

Hair Type

Medium to Thick Hair Volume

*Not recommended for thin hair. The headband will be more visible. See face shape.

Essentials vs. Wrapped

Choosing between an Essential or a Hand-Wrapped Zazzy Bandz? Please keep scrolling.

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Or keeping reading as we get into more detail on Hair Type + Face Shape

Head Size

Two size options options that affect the fit and feel:

  • Original: Medium Thicker, more secure fit, for medium head sizes.
  • Relaxed: Medium to Large Thinner, more flexibility for those with a sensitive scalp or a larger head size.

Face Shape

Achieve The Perfect Fit

Face shape is essential when wearing Zazzy Bandz. A heart, square, oval, or round face shape will complement the unique shape of our headband.

Video Tutorials

Hair Type

Try Our Size Guide

Our headband is not for small face sizes, diamond face shapes, or thin, no-volume hair types. For head size questions, see our printable size guide.

Printable Size Guide

style 1

Original: Medium

  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Head Size: Medium
  • Face Width: 140mm-145mm
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style 2

Relaxed: Medium to Large

  • Lighter, More Flexible
  • Head Size: Medium to Large
  • Face Width: 140mm-150mm
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style 3


Due to the texture of the fabric, a hand-wrapped Zazzy Bandz can provide extra grip for a more secure hold. It is more structured with a little less flexibility.

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Styling Tips

Experiment and Get Creative

  • Push the headband further back on your head
  • Flip your headband in different directions
  • Pull back the top section of hair leaving your hair down on the sides. See tutorial here.
  • DIY: Wrap your Essential Zazzy Bandz with ribbon, fabric, or beads.
  • Have fun!
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