Supporting the Children of West High School in Morristown, TN - Zazzy Bandz

Supporting the Children of West High School in Morristown, TN

Zazzy Bandz continues to support their community by bolstering the future of students.  Today we highlight our partnership with Morristown West High School Special Education Classes.  These young men and women create the hair ties, you may have received as a special gift, throughout the year.  Students are developing hand eye coordination, math computation, and various skills through teacher led assignments with these hair ties.  Tactile learning experiences engage students in the education process.  

Zazzy Bandz helps Special Needs Children

Lacey Price, Morristown West High School Lead Teacher, shared her appreciation to Zazzy Bandz for partnering with her class.  "Below are a few photos from yesterday’s fun! We are so glad to see Rocky Top Treats.  We are so thankful they could make a special visit again this year! And a huge “Thank You” to Zazzy Bandz, one of our work-based learning partners, for spoiling us with ice cream and a pizza picnic.”  Lacey’s program provides training and job readiness skills so students are prepared for life outside the classroom. We are thrilled we can be a small part of student development and celebrate a year of hard work in the classroom.  

Zazzy Bandz | Hair Tie Project | Supporting Local Community

Kudos to the teachers and students who lead these young men and women. 


“To whom much is given, much is required”- the vision in this verse is a call to serve and give hope. Your purchase helps us to continue to help these students. Thank you for being a part of this bigger vision by purchasing Zazzy Bandz.

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