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Volume, Style, and No Headache

Headband that fits like sunglasses

Our Unique Headbands

Zazzy Bandz provide a solution for unique hair needs from thick to thin hair and those with normal to larger head sizes.

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Zazzy Bandz

. . . perfect for normal to high volume hair.

Our original patented headband just got a little better by providing style with softer corners. The slats on the bottom curve are gone, so no snags. 

Zazzy Bandz are available in several new hair blending colors. 

Photo by: @curlicue_lu

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. . . an ergonomic slim design for those with unique hair needs.

Is your head larger than normal?  Do you have thin hair?   Is the original a little “snug” or “loose” on your head?   Try Zazzy Bandz Slim!

Available in several new hair blending colors.

Photo by: @kiracupp

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Both Models

Provide Volume and Style for your hair without the headache.

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We love our Zazzy Girls

β™‘ Giving Back β™‘

A portion of each purchase provides not only physical, spiritual and emotional nourishment, but also an education to the children of Peniel Orphanage.

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