Zazzy Bandz, The redesigned headband that fits like sunglasses®

The ease and comfort, volume and style, and no headache from Zazzy Bandz® will have you wearing your hair down more often.

Made in the USA

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Wrapped Zazzy Bandz® are available in Original Fit and Slim Relaxed Fit. 

Are you tired of wearing your hair up all the time? Zazzy Bandz® not only hold your hair back, but they provide COMFORT and VOLUME.

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More Than a Headband

A portion of each purchase provides not only physical, spiritual and emotional nourishment, but also an education to the children of Peniel Orphanage.

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one-of-a-kind headband

that fits like sunglasses

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Size Chart

Enhance the fit, feel, and look that is right for you.

The dimensions of both Zazzy Bandz are the same. However, the Slim Relaxed Fit with it's ergonomic design is slightly more flexible and will feel looser on the head compared to the Original Fit.

Original Fit

Perfect for those with an average head size. 

Slim Relaxed Fit

Perfect for those with an average to larger head size and those with increased sensitivity.

Options for Wearing Zazzy Bandz: