Experience the fit, feel, and look that is right for you

Zazzy Bandz is best worn with medium to high volume hair.

*NOT RECOMMENDED for thin, low volume hair, or a petite, narrow face.

Zazzy Bandz are easy to wear

• Like wearing sunglasses, place the ZB above your ears or near your temples and slide into place. → See Video

• Flip the ZB in either direction so the feet face forward or backwards to achieve a different fit, feel, and look you might like.

• Did you know? The patented curves in the corners of your ZB can aid in additional volume.

Get a whole new look

Want more volume?

• Pull back your bangs leaving some hair around the face and insert your ZB from the top of your head to achieve a fuller look. → See Video

Does your ZB slide forward?

• Hand-Wrapped Zazzy Bandz, like Sparkles and Ruffles, provide additional grip due to the texture of the fabric

• Push your ZB further back on your head

• Teasing your hair with hair spray or gels can aid in extra hold


Our most popular style.

Zazzy Bandz Original Fit provides a light but snug fit.

Hair Type: Medium to High Volume Hair*

Head Size: Average*

PHOTO BY: @hintedbymarina



Provides a lighter more flexible fit

Hair Type: Medium to High Volume Hair*

Head Size: Average to larger head sizes and those with increased scalp sensitivity*

Photo Credit: @zelda.z.johns


Wrapped Zazzy Bandz

Wrapped Zazzy Bandz are hand-wrapped in various textured fabrics of colors and patterns to provide flair and extra hold. Match your style with trending designs such as Sparkles, Cheetah, and Houndstooth Zazzy Bandz.

Both our Essential and Wrapped Zazzy Bandz are available in two styles—Original Fit and Slim Relaxed Fit.

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Lulu shares, "I LOVE Zazzy Bandz. Not just because they make these comfortable headbands designed to fit like sunglasses, but also because of the work they do to help women and children globally. I have a discount code where extra $ goes to the Peniel Centre Orphanage."

Thank you LULU for helping us help other.

Photo Credit: @curlicue_lu on Instagram 

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Match Your Style


Did you know? Combination Two-Packs include both styles, the Original Fit and Slim Relaxed Fit. Experience the fit, feel, and look that is right for you. 

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