The Original Sunglasses Headband - Zazzy Bandz

The Original Sunglasses Headband

Looking for a stylish solution to keep your hair away from your face? Look no further than Zazzy Bandz! We are the original redesigned headband that fits like sunglasses. With two sizes to choose from, you can find the ideal option for your needs. With the right hair type, you will fall in love with your hair again!

Zazzy Bandz is Doctor Approved

We will dive into detail about hair type in our next blog. However, Zazzy Bandz is ideally suited for medium to high-volume straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Our Original ZB is incredibly popular, providing a light and snug fit. Try our Relaxed ZB, which comes in a thinner design for added flexibility and volume without the headache. The Relaxed ZB is the perfect solution if you have increased scalp sensitivity or a larger-framed face.

Both the Original and Relaxed ZB offers unique features. The Original ZB’s feet curve around the ear, while the Relaxed ZB's feet was designed to curve away from the ear. Experiment by flipping your ZB in either direction to achieve the perfect fit and style that you'll absolutely adore! Did you know? Our Combination ZB Two-Packs include both the Original and Relaxed Zazzy Bandz, allowing you to experience the right fit, feel, and look effortlessly.

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Wearing Zazzy Bandz is as easy as wearing sunglasses. Just place the ZB above your ears or near your temples and slide it into place. By flipping the ZB, you can achieve a different fit, feel, and look to suit your preference.

Like wearing your sunglasses | Zazzy Bandz

Unlike round plastic headbands that cause discomfort, Zazzy Bandz are unique and ensure a pain-free experience. But that's not all! We have a NEW way to wear Zazzy Bandz that offers even more volume, additional hold, and less pressure. Simply pull back your bangs, leaving some hair around your face, and insert the ZB from the top of your head. This innovative method will have you confidently wearing your hair down more often.

Pull back your bangs and insert Zazzy Bandz from the top of your head.

If you've ever hated headbands due to discomfort, try Zazzy Bandz. You won't regret it! What do you have to lose? Embrace comfort, style, and the joy of hassle-free hair days with Zazzy Bandz.

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