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The Tools Needed for Spring Gardening

Caring for your hair requires specific steps to keep it healthy, moisturized, and frizz-free. Plus, keeping it looking nice for an extended period is essential for less maintenance day after day. So, when gardening, it's important to wear appropriate hair accessories to protect your hair and keep it out of your face. 

When it’s nice outside, it’s hard to maintain a lovely hairstyle if you are constantly bending over to pull weeds and brushing your hair away from your face. Insert Zazzy Bandz. Zazzy Bandz can keep your hair back and prevent it from falling into your face while gardening. 

Other headbands, like turbans and thin, stretchy headbands, are made from moisture-wicking materials to keep sweat from your forehead, as we know, can ruin your hair quickly, which is fine if you plan to wash your hair that day. On days you want your hair to stay fresh while gardening, we recommend wearing Zazzy Bandz. It doesn’t crease the hair; it is gentle and will provide all-day comfort while keeping the hair away from your face.

Sometimes it is just hot outside, and you have no other option but to wear your hair up. Here are some options:

Bandanas: Bandanas are another option for keeping hair out of your face. Make sure to tie it securely to prevent it from slipping off.

Ponytail holders: Tying it back in a ponytail can be a quick and easy solution if you have long hair. Look for snag-free ponytail holders to avoid damaging your hair.

Hats: Wearing a hat while gardening can protect your hair from the sun's harmful rays and keep it out of your face. Look for hats made from breathable materials, such as cotton or straw.


No matter which hair accessory you choose, make sure it's comfortable so you can focus on gardening without worrying about your hair. When in doubt, try Zazzy Bandz.

While we are talking about gardening, here are some of the top tools that are essential for gardening:

Hand trowel: This tool is used for digging small holes, breaking up soil, and planting small plants. It's one of the most versatile tools in the garden and can be used for many different tasks.

Pruning shears: Also called hand pruners, these are used for trimming and shaping plants. They can also be used for cutting back dead branches and stems.

Garden fork: A garden fork is used for loosening, aerating soil, and turning compost. It's also helpful in lifting and dividing plants.

Garden hoe: A hoe removes weeds, breaks up the soil, and creates furrows for planting. There are different types of hoes, such as the standard hoe, the scuffle hoe, and the stirrup hoe.

Watering can or hose: Watering is essential for maintaining healthy plants, so a watering can or hose is a must-have tool in the garden. Make sure to choose a watering can or hose that is comfortable to hold and has a good spray pattern.

Garden rake: A rake helps level soil, remove debris, and prepare the ground for planting. It's also helpful for spreading mulch and compost.

Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow is an excellent tool for moving heavy loads of soil, mulch, or plants around the garden. It can also be used for transporting garden tools and debris.

These are just a few of the top tools every gardener should have. The specific tools you need may depend on the size and type of garden and your gardening preferences and style.

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