A Special Thanks from Peniel Centre Orphanage - Zazzy Bandz

A Special Thanks from Peniel Centre Orphanage

Thank You from Peniel Centre Orphanage

Peniel Centre "children and staff members" are forever grateful to you for all the support that you are rendering to the home. The support goes a long way in bringing healing and shaping the future of children who at one time lived in the streets of Bulawayo without hope and future. We thank God that we are raising great women and men out of these children.


We thank God that we are raising leaders out of these wonderful and glorious children. 5 of our children had an opportunity of traveling to Harare for a 3-day leadership workshop in June this year. They joined 70 young leaders from all over Zimbabwe. What a blessing it is for Peniel Centre to have some of her children representing the whole province of Bulawayo. Thank you so much, Janet Purkey, and all who support Zazzy Bandz, for being part of these children; we are very much persuaded that they will grow up to be great people in society. Some of them would like to be business people, while others would like to be engineers, doctors, pastors, and more.


We have just finished building up a biogas digester to produce cooking gas for the orphanage to reduce the amount of money that we use on buying cooking gas and electricity. The beautiful gas tank that we built at Peniel Centre, unfortunately, leaks and therefore needs special paint that is waterproof to repaint it to stop the leaks. The paint is not available in Zimbabwe; hence we need to try to get it from outside the country. This is one of the biggest problems that we are going through as Zimbabweans; unavailability of commodities.

Apart from the gas tank, our garden has been doing very well this year and helped us a lot in producing green mealies and vegetables. The produce from the garden was used for daily consumption and the surplus was sold to the nearby community.  We pray and hope that our 2 boreholes would not dry up due to the drought that Zimbabwe is experiencing at the moment.

Our children would be writing mid-year exams from early next week and we pray that they will all do well in their exams. 12 of them will be going on an educational school trip soon after the exams to Victoria Falls.


Thank you so much for all the support

With much gratitude,

Gideon & Jennifer

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