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A Young Boys Finally Gets His Identity Documents

(Written by Gideon & Jennifer Chishamba from Peniel Centre)
We are so much grateful to you for all the support that you are rendering to Peniel Centre. The picture above is a photo of some of the teenage Peniel children. They are supposed to be on school holiday but are still going to school to cover for the time they lost during the job stay away that took place in Zimbabwe. We thank God that Cyclone Idai did not reach Bulawayo; so everyone here is safe and okay. Some of our staff members had an opportunity of going to Chimanimani to provide psycho-social support to children whose parents died during the storm.
It is our pleasure to report herein that one of our Peniel boys got a birth certificate this past term. Thank you so much for your support. Please find herein-below the brief testimony of this young boy:
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Nqobizitha came to Peniel 11 years ago without any form of identity. His mother died when he was still small, so he has no idea of what the mother looked like. The father also died before this young boy started going to school and left him to fend for himself in the streets of Bulawayo. He, later on, was picked up from the streets by some good Samaritans who eventually brought this young boy to Peniel Centre. This young boy came with no form of identity and it has been a challenge for Peniel Centre to ensure that he remains in school since all schools demanded a form of identity. He was later on admitted to one of the schools in Bulawayo who agreed to have this young boy at school without the identity documents. They admitted him at school after Fountain of Hope promised that they would do all that they can do to ensure that he gets a birth certificate. Though this boy is good in soccer and other sporting disciplines, the school disallowed him to participate in any public event at school including sports. This was painful for this young man, he liked to play and be involved in athletics but couldn’t because he didn’t have the identity document.

Peniel staff members tried all their best for 8 years to help this young boy to get a birth certificate. We met a brick wall each time we would go to the registrar general to apply for his birth certificate because we didn’t have the birth record, didn’t know whether the mother had relatives before she passed on. It is a blessing to report on this update that we finally got a birth certificate for him as well as an identity card. Thank you so much for supporting these children, without your support he could be living in the streets of Bulawayo, without a home, family, identity document, hope, and even without a clear future. Tears of joy dripped down the faces of the staff members when this boy got the identity documents.
Would you please keep on praying for 4 more Peniel children who still don’t have identity documents these are Mitchel and Nicole as well as Wellington and Yolanda?

Gideon & Jennifer Chishamba
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