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After The Bell Rings: The Students (part 1)

After the bell rings what do the children of Peniel do?  Over the years, Gideon and Jennifer Chishamba have shared the students' scholastic progress, today we share their after-school activities.  After the bell rings for classes to end, the children unwind with outdoor activities and sports for an hour or so.(photo: tables and chair that the children repair)

The academic day may be finished yet their learning continues. 

After the bell rings for the day, Peniel Centre offers life skills training like:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry (Caring for animals)

  • Baking and Meal Preparation
    (photo: Kimberly baked the scones)

  • Construction and Home Repair

  • Other areas of everyday life, like making petroleum jelly and dishwashing liquid(photo: Lisa with petroleum jelly and Ebby with dishwashing liquid)

Gideon explained, “Our Peniel Centre staff members work diligently to ensure our children get life skills they will use after they leave Peniel Centre. Some of the children are already very good at baking bread, cakes for birthday functions, etc. It is because our staff members took their time to teach them these skills.” He continued, “Kim is a student who excels in baking and does all the birthday cakes for the Centre and our church members too.”

Other young people spend part of their time working in the garden. They help reduce the amount of money needed to purchase food since they grow delicious vegetables from their garden!  Some of the girls developed skills in making petroleum jelly and dishwasher soap. 


Gideon was pleased, “Therefore, we do not buy these commodities since they are produced by the children.”

Everyone is taught how to cook, therefore the youth help in meal preparation when they are not at school or involved in academic lessons.  Gideon stated, “We understand the importance of these skills, enabling these young people to survive when they have left the comfort of Peniel Centre Orphanage.  Our committed team helps them learn productive life skills.”  We agree that these children will mature into productive adults who not only survive but thrive.


Another vital activity is sessions with children to deal with psycho-social support on the weekends. 

The majority of the children of Peniel arrive after being abandoned, abused, or neglected.  Gideon explained how critical these sessions are in helping them process forgiving the people who harmed them which leads to healing their hurt.  Art therapy was a popular therapy session led by a staffer from America.  Unfortunately, due to COVID, this staffer had to return to America. 


Gideon added, “We believe God did not only bring these children to Peniel Centre for accommodations and education, but He also sent them to us for transformation physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.  Thank you Zazzy Bandz for the support that you are rendering to us to ensure that these children are well supported.”

As a business, we help Peniel Centre Orphanage through the sale of Zazzy Bandz.  Our customers are the reason we can provide continued aid.  “To whom much is given, much is required”-- the vision in this verse stands as a call to serve.  Thank you for being a part of a bigger vision.

More to Come!

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