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An Academic Update on Peniel Students

Life is settling into a new normal at Peniel. Gideon’s health continues to improve, regaining strength each day. We are overjoyed to have received an update from Peniel Centre Orphanage this month. Gideon sent an inspiring update about the children’s academic achievements. 

"It gives cause to celebrate as students reach goals while following their path."

According to Gideon, Nqobile, who did her advanced level last year, passed her exams; Congratulations, Nqobile. We are so proud of you. She is so looking forward to attending University this year!

The students pictured above will be writing their advanced level exams by the end of the year. Kuda, Zibusiso, and Natasha need your prayerful support because success on these exams offers more opportunities for post-secondary educational opportunities. Gideon explained that all students who have taken or will be taking exams must first have the fees and school uniforms to complete the year.

The Peniel students not moving forward with academic education is not the end of learning. All hope is not lost as they will choose an area of career or technical opportunities to excel. We will hear more about these students as the year progresses.

"Why do we send financial support to Peniel?"

One of the first things owner Dr. Janet Purkey and co-owner Laura Barker, JD, did when launching the business was to connect it with a purpose. They knew they would remain committed to helping the children through the tough early days of starting a business. Linking to a purpose greater than themselves empowered them to plug away even when difficulties arose. It is pretty amazing to see the invisible hand of God at work around the world. We discovered Peniel Centre Orphanage through Dr. Purkey’s daughter, Sarah Purkey. Sarah spent a semester in Zimbabwe as an intern. During this time of working in various schools, Sarah shared the needs of this small orphanage.

Zazzy Bandz monetary donations help ease some hardships incurred as more orphans are welcomed into the home and haven of Peniel. We hope to share more information about the status of Peniel’s  hopes for starting a preschool for the youngest children.

"We are honored and blessed to be a part of the ministry of Gideon and Jennifer Chishamba."

A portion of each Zazzy Bandz purchase goes to Peniel Centre Orphanage, a ministry with a purpose. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is across the big pond and then some from America, yet, we are helping previously homeless children have their forever homes. “To whom much is given, much is required” - the vision in this verse is a call to serve and give hope. Thank you for being a part of this bigger vision by purchasing Zazzy Bandz.

More to come,
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