EXAM TIME - Zazzy Bandz


Oh, we get overwhelmed with joy when an update from Peniel Centre Orphanage arrives. They've been busy with school. Here is what they sent us:

Dear Janet and Zazzy Bandz Followers,

Peniel staff members and children are so grateful to you for all the support that you are rendering to the children. The children have started writing examinations and need your prayers. We appreciate you so much for the support if it had not been for your support all these children could not have reached this far in education. Thank you so much for partnering with us in creating a better future for these children. Please keep on praying for the following children who are writing and who have already finished writing exams.

1. Kimberly M. – finished writing her grade seven exams last week and is so much excited about achieving this milestone in life. She desires to be able to go to high school early next year. She would like to go to a boarding school. Please pray that we get a better school for her for next year.

2. Nqobile N.  She started writing ‘O’ level exams yesterday on the 7th of October and is so much optimistic that she would be able to do well in the exams. She still would like to go back to Townsend High school to do her advanced level of high school next year. She would like to be a lawyer after school. Please keep on praying for her to do well in the exams. 

3. Lisa S.  She is a very bright girl who is so excited about the examination. She is going to write eight subjects at our ‘O’ level and she started yesterday with mathematics. Please pray for her to do well.

4. Sisasenkosi S. – She is in the ‘A' level and is going to start writing the exams by the end of this week. Please pray for her to do well in the exams.

5. Gugulethu M. – She is doing commercial subjects at an advanced level and would like to be a businesswoman after school. Please pray for her to do well in the exams.

Thank you so much for your prayers for these wonderful girls who are going to write the exams.

With much appreciation,
Caretakers of Peniel Centre Orphanage Gideon & Jennifer 

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