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Giving Hope to Children

Sharing stories from Peniel Centre Orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is our joy. We are thankful for our partnership and look forward to learning more about this special place. As the Holiday Season ensues, we share these updates about the children of Peniel.

Gideon, the director of Peniel Orphanage, shares that the extreme summer heat and drought have been tough on the local community. He expressed, "The ground is parched, making it difficult for crops and animals to survive." He is thankful for the financial support of Zazzy Bandz, as they are now able to power pumps to send water to much-needed areas of the orphanage. "Our borehole (well) provides enough water for the people, animals, and the garden even though the season is so dry. We thank God for His Faithfulness in providing water for drinking, gardening, and bathing" This access to water allows the community to maintain crops when growing is very difficult. "Our tomato plants are growing incredibly well and will be able to sell some of our produce." Peniel has established a small polytunnel garden. This measure will go a long way toward sustainability.

Gideon asks for prayers as they continue their mission of sustainable living. The children can hope for a better future as they see the daily impact of these changes.

As Gideon reflects on the 2022 year, he is grateful for his staff, who daily meet kids where they are and provide exceptional individualized care. "Peniel is full of glowing faces because the committed staff members ensure they look after them well." He is hopeful staff will enjoy some rest in the new year as they know Christmas is a hectic time.

Gideon requests, "Would you please pray for Kuda, Zee, and Natasha, who are writing their advanced-level exams?

We are honored to be a part of Gideon and Jennifer's Ministry. A portion of each Zazzy Bandz sold goes to Peniel Orphanage to provide hope and education. "To whom much is given, much is required"- the vision in this verse is a call to serve and give hope. Thank you for being a part of this bigger vision by purchasing Zazzy Bandz.

More to come,
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1 Zazzy Bandz Sold = 1 Day of Education to a Child at Peniel Centre Orphanage

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