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Hope in a Young Boy

Thank you Zazzy Bandz purchasers! Your orders help us to help others! Read more about how we helped make a difference in Denzel's life. A boy who lost both his mother and father.

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift for Peniel children. 5 of our teenagers can go for vacation lessons at school this school holiday because of the support that came from you. These teenagers pictured above can study at school with other children who have parents. Thank you so much for the love and generosity you are rendering to these children. Thank you your support is going a long way in reviving and restoring shattered dreams please see the story of Denzel below who is one of the five teenagers pictured above:

Denzel`s father died when he was still very young and he never got to know him. He was introduced to his father`s family at a very tender age but never stayed with them and therefore does not even remember them. The mother became very ill soon after the death of the father and was terminally ill for several years. This young boy and his young sister were sadly left with the daunting task of nursing their mother for many years before she succumbed to HIV/AIDS. After the death of their mother, Denzel and her sister were left with no home; no family for the mother was the only family member they had.

Soon after the death of the mother, they were quickly sent to Peniel's Centre by the community`s child protection committee. This boy came to Peniel with a heart that was hurting and with so many questions about life. His dream of becoming an Engineer was already shattered when his mother was sick as he could only see a bleak future; there was no hope at all. There was no hope for him to get a loving family, a home where they could live without the fear of losing it.

Thank God for Peniel Centre that this young man was provided with a home, family, future, and hope. He came to Peniel's Centre without a birth certificate and was also out of school. Peniel's center managed to help him to acquire a birth certificate and going to school eventually became smooth for him. He is now doing ‘O’ level at one of the boy’s high schools in Bulawayo, thanks to you for all the support.

The support from you is going a long way in shaping the future of this young man. If this boy had not been brought to Peniel center, he could be one of the street children in Bulawayo or could be involved in very dangerous business but Peniel center is shaping his future through support from you. Your support is greatly touching the lives of these children and great dreams are being revived, thank you again".

With much appreciation

Gideon & Jennifer

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