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How Zazzy Bandz Influence the Curly Hair Community

 Keeping your curls looking great every day takes work. Zazzy Bandz give you everything you need in order to get volume and style while maintaining those curls! But, we are hearing more about how women who could never wear a headband until now. Many traditional headbands just gave them a headache. The big question is ...

Can Tight Headbands Cause Headaches?
A too-tight ponytail may strain the connective tissue in the scalp, leading to a hairdo headache. Headbands, braids, and tight-fitting hats can do that, too. If this is the cause of your headache, you'll usually get fast relief if you let your hair down. (resource:, which focused on migraines)

The Zazzy Bandz Story
Zazzy Bandz developed by a female physician, who on a typical day speaks with patients that suffer from migraines. Coming up with a solution was important to her. But to solve this came many other questions:
• How can a hair accessory make us different?
• How can we solve flat hair after that headband is removed?
• How can we get the hair volume (that almost every woman wants)? 
• What about the feeling of nothing in your hair at all (solving the headache issue)?
These were just a few questions that had to be answered. But, the solution came in a light bulb moment.
Redesign a Headband that Fits Like Sunglasses
Sunglasses give most women's hair the look they desire. In fact, we've heard of cases where sunglasses were bought just so they could wear them as a headband. That's not as crazy sounding to most women, but the truth! Who wants to wear sunglasses on your head when the sun is out, along with wearing prescription glasses, or even if you have a very nice occasion to attend?
If you have Curly Hair, Zazzy Bandz are a Curl Saver
Those layers of ringlet curls fall into your face and into today's world if you use your sunglasses, they help keep those curls looking good. Women work hard for the perfect ringlet curly hair. They aren't going to risk a hair accessory messing with those curls at all. So, we think Zazzy Bandz are the perfect solution. Our headband doesn't pull your curls out like sunglasses can do when you remove it from your hair. Our unique design takes out the pressure points which cause headaches and they feel weightless (Depending on which style is chosen; We have three: Patterns, Solids, and Extra Flair - which weigh a little bit more due to the beads/embellishments but don't let this discourage you. They still don't have those pressure points which are the root of the problem.).


So, protect the work that goes into styling your hair every day with an accessory that should be part of your everyday curl routine. Try a Zazzy Band and we think you'll fall in love again with headbands. If not, we have a money back guarantee.


Have a Zazzy Day!

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