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The New Year Starts with Unspeakable Joy

We started the New Year with unspeakable joy, and this joy of the Lord led us to seek God together with our children. We could feel that this joy was coming from the throne of God. The children and staff members are all filled with peace in a nation where it’s so challenging to have peace, where the prices of goods and services skyrocket daily. Amid all challenges, God assured us that He would be with us even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil, for He will be with us, and His rod and staff shall comfort us. Psalm 23:4. What a blessing to start the year with hope and confidence in God! We are grateful to you for walking with us on this journey as we experience the power of our God, who brings restoration and life to many children who had once lost hope.

Five of our children completed their advanced level of education end of last year and have just collected their exam results this year. Two of them already have secured places at one of our local universities where they will begin studying towards their first degrees. Who could have thought that these children would get this far in life? Indeed if it had not been for the Lord, these children could not have reached this stage of life. Because God has been so good to our children, our hearts are full of joy. God has been speaking to them to forget the past and focus on what is ahead of them, of which we believe influences all the spheres of their lives. 


One of the young girls who has been with us since she was small is Ebenezer. (Please see herein the photos of Ebby, the first one is when she was small and is the one putting on a brown shirt, and the other one is the 2023 photo of her as a grown-up girl) The father rejected her before she was born and was dumped by the mother soon after she was born, and she grew up as a blessing to other children under our care. She is a very intelligent, positive, and confident young person who believes God called her to serve people. She is currently studying to be a nurse aide because she wants to take care of the sick and tell them about the word of God. What a blessing it is to raise children who believe in the power of the gospel without a doubt. The faith, hope, and trust in God these children are exhibiting surely give them the strength to push on even amid challenges. Thank you so much for your support. 


Our greatest desire is to become self-sufficient by utilizing resources that God has availed to us. We have just established a greenhouse to grow tomatoes for consumption as well as for sale. Our greenhouse garden has been doing exceptionally well, and the tomatoes are growing very well, and hopefully, we will be selling them come the end of January this year. This greenhouse will not only provide tomatoes to Peniel Centre, but will also give farming skills to our young people. Some of them after school will survive on farming while others will be employed somewhere. Thank you so much for the great work you are doing in the lives of these wonderful children.   


Gideon & Jennifer Chishamba 

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