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Fountain Of Hope

A letter from Gideon and Jennifer, caretakers of Peniel Center Orphanage:


Our Peniel Center children have been so much excitement about the news that schools would be reopened by the end of July this year. It has been a long since they last met their school friends. They have been learning and studying at home during this time of the lockdown due to COVID 19. Unfortunately, there has been a spike in the COVID 19 cases ever since the beginning of this month. An increase in the number of cases pushed the government to postpone the opening of schools in Zimbabwe. All our Peniel children are frustrated by this development since they have to spend all their time home again due to this challenge. 

Psalm 23 has been our pillar of strength for this month where the regulations for lockdown have been stricter and where food is becoming scarce and expensive. The Lord is indeed our shepherd, He will always be there for us. We thank God that our children are meditating on this Psalm and have been encouraging one another in the word of God. The knowledge of the presence of the great shepherd always brings joy and enlightens the faces of our wonderful and amazing Peniel children. One of them was able to share the word of God with other orphans and vulnerable children from the community close by. We are persuaded that goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives. We are happy to let you know that the eldest Peniel girl was accepted at one of the Universities in Zimbabwe.

Shupi (pictured hereinabove with the other Peniel girls) came to Peniel Center soon after the death of her mother. Her mother committed suicide after the father left for South Africa and never came back. He left his family in dire need of food and promised them that he will remember them once he got a job across the Limpopo River. There was no food at all when he left home and the wife waited for many days to hear from the husband, but nothing came by. She tried to borrow food from the neighbors to feed her family but in a few days she had almost borrowed from everyone and there was no one to borrow from anymore. She, later on, decided to end her life and that’s what she did, leaving this young girl very small. Thank God for Peniel Center, this intelligent girl was brought to Peniel Center where she grew up from being a Primary school child to a high school student and now a University student. Thank you so much for your love and generosity, it is through your support that this girl has reached this far. Thank you so much.

Would you please keep on praying for the following?

  • That staff members and the children may know God intimately during this difficult moment
  • That we have enough food for the Center 
  • For our children to enjoy learning at home during this time of COVID 19
  • For protection from COVID 19.
  • For Shupi to excel at the University

Thank you so much for being part of Peniel Center,

Gideon & Jennifer, caretakers of Peniel Center Orphanage

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