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Thieves Stole our Copper Wire

Letter from Peniel Centre Orphanage:

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and hope.”
Jeremiah 29:11

This is one of the scriptures that stood out for us at Peniel Centre during this time of Coronavirus threat. We are quite sure that the Lord has got wonderful and special plans for every child at Peniel Centre and has got great plans for you who are part of these children. Thank you so much for the love and generosity that you are rendering to these children. They all have got high hopes of achieving more in life, Brendon who is pictured hereinbelow would like to be a lawyer after school and your support is going a long way in making this young man walk in the road that leads to his career. Thank you so much.

Schools are closed all over Zimbabwe and it is only children from affluent families who are learning online. We realized that we could not afford online learning, so we decided to have 2 private teachers who are now teaching and coaching our children to maximize the time they have. They now feel like they are still at school because they learn throughout every day except on weekends. The 2 teachers are doing a sterling job of making our children not miss out on education and thanks be to you for the support. We are so much persuaded that a better future is being created for these children through the provision of education. Please see hereinbelow the photo of the children in class as well as the photo of the teacher teaching at Peniel Centre.

Our power cables that bring electricity to Peniel Centre were stolen at the beginning of this month by copper traders. Unfortunately, the police failed to trace the thieves and therefore our Centre does not have power at the moment. This is a huge challenge for us since one of our boreholes uses electricity to pump water; our solar-powered borehole has got a small pump that cannot supply both Peniel Centre and the garden. Our electricity supply company does not have enough resources to ensure that everything is restored. We are now using a diesel generator to pump water at the moment and also to provide power to Peniel Centre in the evenings only. Our prayers are to use solar to provide power to the whole premises; solar power is good that it does not use the copper wires that the thieves come to steal.

We are so much grateful to you for all the support that you are rendering to Peniel Centre, may the Lord’s face shine on you, and may His great hand protects you from COVID 19.

Gideon & Jennifer, caretakers for Peniel Centre Orphanage

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