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Helping Peniel Centre “Break the Chains of Poverty”

Zazzy Bandz® is partnered with Peniel Centre. Peniel is an orphanage in Zimbabwe providing hope to many adolescents in their local community. In his latest update, Gideon (the director of the centre) shares the successes of the children in his care and prayer requests.

From Gideon’s latest update:

  • Two of our students, Sibusiso and Seth, were chosen to be prefects at their school. Prefects are the student leaders.  This is a huge honour for them and for us.  This confirms we are raising leaders out of the young people whom the Lord entrusted unto us.
  • Sibusiso came to Peniel centre as a school drop-out.  She now dreams to become a gynaecologist so she can help women who might not be able to afford medical care. She wants to be a part of the solution of bringing medical care to women in the rural areas of Africa.
  • We are also proud of our other students who wish to pursue further education: 
    • Lizwe and Elisha would like to do electrical engineering
    • Zee hotel and catering management.
    • Kuda is already doing Business Management at one of the private colleges in Bulawayo. 
    • 2 of our wonderful young girls and one young man are at our local Universities studying different disciplines. 
      • Nqobile is doing development studies, 
      • Natasha is doing Computer science and Munyaradzi is doing engineering. 

How can you support Peniel?

Peniel asks for your prayers for their remarkable students and the daily running of the centre.  The staff provide a home where students can take pride in who they are and where they come from. Peniel is now experiencing a need with their hot water geysers.  Hot water is essential as students get ready each day for work and school.   We ask for your prayers as we look to fix our hot water geysers.

“To whom much is given, much is required”- the vision is a call to serve and give hope. Thank you for being a part of this bigger vision by purchasing Zazzy Bandz. 

Pictured below are Sibussio and Seth

Children of Peniel Centre Orphanage (partners with Zazzy Bandz®)

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