My comfortable headband story! And I'm sticking to it.

August 13, 2017

My comfortable headband story! And I'm sticking to it. | Zazzy Bandz


 Hello!  I am Janet Laster Purkey.  I am an Internal Medicine physician who enjoys teaching medical students and residents for over 25 years.  I love seeing patients in the outpatient setting as well as in the hospital.  I enjoy teaching medical simulation (procedures internists perform) to "my" learners.  I love being a mom to 3 kids (now adults!) and wife to Charles.  I am an animal lover and enjoy gardening. Tennis is my favorite sport with horseback riding a close second.  You can take the girl out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the girl.  Life was chugging along well with all that a physician does caring for patients and a woman does as a wife/mom when a little idea popped into my head!

A few years ago, I decided to "let my bangs grow out,"  little did I know that small change would bring about a unique headband for women around the world!  I wanted a comfortable solution to hold hair away from my face that was stylish and professional.   I hated the headaches I had while wearing rounded bands, barrettes, or hair ties. I was constantly using reading glasses as my band, but I needed those glasses while writing on patient charts. One day, the idea of Zazzy Bandz became a reality as I understood certain glasses gave me a "look" I really liked and others did not.  I created a uniquely shaped  prototype and began wearing it in any setting.  It provided a very comfortable hold while also giving lift and style.  One key is it has no headache-causing pressure points!

I knew that if I wanted a painless headband other women would want it too!  Determined to solve this problem for  other women, I shared my idea with my friend Laura Barker who immediately understood the concept of a true headache-free headband.  Together we have sought out those in the local industry to patent, produce, and market these bandz.   Laura’s background as an attorney has complemented our duet!.

Our business concept for Zazzy Bandz grows from our Christian faith.  We are committed to supporting ministry and philanthropic missions through this opportunity. We believe ZazzyBandz will help women everywhere achieve effortless style and lift needed for any occasion.  We know that as our business thrives we will be able to help more causes.

Each purchase helps support the children and those who love and care for them at Peniel Orphanage in Bulawayo, ZImbabwe.  Please look at our giving page to learn more.

I believe you will love our Zazzy Bandz, but knowing there are great variations in head size and hair textures, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee!  Check us out or message if you have questions, concerns or suggestions!

Size Chart

Enhance the fit, feel, and look that is right for you.

The dimensions of both Zazzy Bandz are the same. However, the Slim Relaxed Fit with it's ergonomic design is slightly more flexible and will feel looser on the head compared to the Original Fit.

Original Fit

Perfect for those with an average head size. 

Slim Relaxed Fit

Perfect for those with an average to larger head size and those with increased sensitivity.

Options for Wearing Zazzy Bandz: