Five more children left by their parents. - Zazzy Bandz

Five more children left by their parents.

A Letter from Gideon and Jennifer, caretakers of Peniel Center Orphanage:

Peniel Centre staff members and children would like to hereby appreciate you so much for the support. The support came really at the right time when we were about to receive five more children (three girls and two boys). These children who are coming to join the family were all dumped by their parents and their relatives at one of the dirty dumping sites in Bulawayo. They are coming to the family with no bedding, no proper clothes, no shoes, no toiletries, etc. This is going to be their first time to be able to live in a proper home where they will not have to scavenge for food. We are so much grateful to you. The support is going to go a long way in helping these children settle down at Peniel Centre and have proper food and accommodation for the first time in their lives. We are grateful that we can provide a home, family, hope, and a future to these children mainly because of your support, thank you so much.'


We received two letters this month. Here is the second one:

"On behalf of Peniel children, we are so much grateful to you for the support. We are glad to let you know that we received the money from you today and the money came at the right time when we needed finances for food. We had to take all the money and use it to buy food for the children.




Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership.


Gideon and Jennifer Chishamba, caretakers of Peniel Centre Orphanage

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