Peniel Centre and their children

January 27, 2018

Peniel Centre and their children | Zazzy Bandz

*"We are very much grateful to you for your involvement in the lives of these beautiful and wonderful children.  Your partnership with us is going a long way in brightening their future.  Peniel Centre is restoring shattered dreams and shaping the future of children who were orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  One of the greatest effects of  the AIDS pandemic is its impact on the psychological and mental health of children who were caregivers and then lost their parents under traumatic circumstances.  The impact is complex and affects even their energy.  We strive to help with their emotional and life skills through all the activities we provide including the simple act of loving them.


We ask you please pray for the following:  1.) that our children and the adults continue to grow in knowing Christ and that we make Him known; 2.) finances for food, school fees, school uniforms and clothing; 3.) Fees for our teens who are accepted to University; 4.) success in our greenhouse garden to maximize tomato production.

With much love,     Gideon and Jennifer for the children" 

* condensed

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