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Meet Wellington

Thank you for your support of Zazzy Bandz.  Each purchase helps us help the children and teens whose home is Peniel Centre.  I share our recent letter from Jennifer and Gideon.

Dear Janet,
Warm greetings from Peniel centre. Thank you so much for your involvement in the lives of our Peniel centre children, please find herein attached our February update.
With much gratitude
Gideon & Jennifer
> We are very much grateful to you and Laura and the unwavering support you are rendering to the centre. All the children at Peniel centre are doing very much fine and all are back in school. We have decided on focusing on one of the children of Peniel centre in this month's update, whom we ask you to consider praying for this month.
 Wellington now calls Peniel centre home. One winter day in Mthombothemba a few years ago, two orphan volunteers were walking on a footpath on their way to the shops, when all of a sudden they heard a sound of a child crying. They rushed to the sound and found a young boy who had just been dumped by his parents. The boy was rushed to the hospital and eventually was brought home to live with his new family at Peniel centre.
> Wellington did not deserve to be without family but the situation seemed impossible for his parents due to the circumstances of his birth. After they dumped him they both ran away disappeared seemingly into thin air.
> This wonderful boy does not have a birth certificate and this poses a very big challenge for him since he is now a high schoolboy. He is not allowed to participate in public events at school even though he is very much talented in sports. He is a good soccer player and has the ambition to play in the English league one day. Apart from playing soccer, he wants to be a soldier.
> Would you please pray with us for this intelligent young man to get a birth certificate? We need to find the mother so that we can be able to apply for his birth certificate. Please pray for us to find her and that she will agree to help us in acquiring the document. Thank you so much for all your prayers.
> We are always grateful to you for being part of the Peniel family. With much gratitude
> Gideon and the Peniel family

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