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Praise for Zibusiso

I remember when the schools in America returned to in-school teaching. Our teachers and staff were thrilled to see, fist bump, and even hug some of their students, taking all necessary precautions daily. Virtual learning has its place but nothing can replace the person called to be a teacher. So you can imagine the excitement of the children of Peniel when in-person schools opened! Gideon has shared that one of our children has excelled in a position of honor and leadership at his school.

Gideon proudly announced in his email that Zibusiso was elected to be a senior prefect at his school.  Zibusiso has the trust and confidence of his class to be selected for this position.  But life for Zibusiso was not always good.  “Zibusiso came to Peniel Centre when he was very young after his mother left him soon after the death of his father.” Peniel Centre became his parents and his home.  What an awesome, yet daunting responsibility.  Gideon sees Zibusiso as such a success story. He stands firm on the belief that Peniel Centre is “Raising Leaders”.

Congratulations to Zimbusiso!  Zazzy Bandz will be following you as you progress through the school year.  We wish you and your friends much success.

Our friends at The Peniel Centre Orphanage continue to provide the children a safe place to call home.  Thanks to everyone who purchases a Zazzy Bandz.  YOU have aided this orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is home to these children we now call “our children”.  “To whom much is given, much is required”—the vision in this verse stands as a call to serve.  Thank you for being a part of this bigger vision.

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