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Prayers for a New Mini Bus

All over the world, there are many ways that we can all give and help others. Janet Purkey found her mission. Through Zazzy Bandz®, our team provides ladies and gentlemen from all over the world with a comfortable headband. But to us it's more than a headband, it's a way to help these children. Please read the latest update below and continue to keep Gideon, Jennifer, and all the children in your prayers. 

"Dear Janet and Zazzy Bandz® Followers,

Peniel children would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for supporting us this last year, your support has gone a long way in brightening the lives of all the children at the centre. Five of the children who did not have birth certificates have got these special identity documents. If it had not been for your support, these five children could still be struggling and one of them could not have written ‘O’level examinations.

Nicole (pictured herein) came to Peniel's centre after the death of her mother with no identity documents. Peniel centre children who have been praying for her to have an identity document even failed to sleep rejoicing and praising God when one day this past May this girl was awarded an identity document. She is so much full of confidence now that she has an identity document, she has been wanting to participate in athletics at school but has not been able to do so because of the lack of an identity document. This is now a thing of the past as she is looking forward to being involved in all sporting activities come 2020. Thank you so much for your support.

We thank God that it's raining now in Bulawayo and our Peniel maize is doing very well.  All our children are fine and are preparing to go back to school starting next week except for Kimberley who will be at school starting this weekend. We are going to be joined by three more children this year, two girls and one boy who all are coming from very difficult backgrounds, for instance, the boy's parents died when he was young and doesn't even remember what his father looked like. Unfortunately, the father was an alien, so there are no known relatives from the father's side.  After the death of the parents, the boy was taken by the sister of his maternal grandmother who also died after living with the boy for three years.  He has moved again to another relative who also died leaving this boy with nowhere to go.  The only relative that the boy has is his immediate maternal grandmother who is too old and is struggling with her health and who does not have a proper place of abode. The ailing grandmother moves from place to place staying with whosoever is willing to live with her hence the child protection committee referred this boy to Peniel's centre.  He has experienced a lot of challenges, of seeing the people who were supposed to look after him dying, and therefore he needs counseling apart from providing him with a home and education. Thank you so much for partnering with us in giving such children a home, family, hope, and a future.

We are currently planning for next year and one of the greatest challenges that we have is collecting enough school fees for all the children at Peniel centre. Apart from school fees, our mini-bus which takes them to school daily has broken down and would need a new engine to run again. Please pray for school fees and uniforms, enough food for the children, a new engine for the van, and solar panels to solarize Peniel centre. 

May your Christmas time be peaceful and your 2020 fruitful."

Lots of love,

Gideon and Jennifer, are caretakers for the children at Peniel Center Orphanage. 

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