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Refreshment at Shalom

A serene campsite, known as Shalom is set deep in the Matobo National Park in Zimbabwe. Surrounded by the mystical hills and boulders of Matobo, the camp’s enticement is enhanced with great staff and hot water.  Shalom caters to many groups, hosting chalets with single or double beds and a dormitory set for large groups. 

A weekend at the Christian camp is an unbelievable experience for anyone but especially so for children. Team Zazzy Bandz, made possible through your purchases,  arranged such a weekend for our Peniel Centre students.  Gideon sent many photos which are posted at the end.  

Gideon shared, “Shalom is a place to reflect, to be restored after working.  While at Shalom, there were various healing activities offered and many of our children participated.” As those who have followed us for several years now, our children come to us homeless, being rejected by family, or because of loss of family.  Gideon explained the 25 children selected to go to Shalom to help foster healing through psycho-social support activities.

Covid restrictions were lifted during this time.  The leaders of Shalom planned this particular weekend.  It seemed to be an idea meant to become reality as all involved agreed this is a good thing.  The owners of Shalom, Di and Peter Cunningham, graciously donated the weekend and Zazzy Bandz provided the funds for food.  We wanted to make this an unbelievable weekend of respite for these children after the prolonged Covid lockdown.  

Gideon graciously accepted Shalom’s gift for his children. “We realized the frustrations, fears, and all the challenges that the lockdown brought to the children.  Shalom became the answer for refreshment, reflection, and healing. We thank God for allowing us to be at Shalom.  They participated in games, did nature walks in the Matobos Hills, swam, and were spiritually fed the knowledge of Christ by one of the ministers on-site.”  The Chapel on Top of the Hill allows one to look around and see the beautiful mountains, trees, and yes wildlife.  What an opportunity for our children. Gideon was so encouraged by the children when they returned.  “They all came back revived and restored.  They were geared up to overcome every mountain of challenges in their lives.   It’s amazing that some came back with elevated self-confidence for leadership responsibilities at school.”  Gideon thanked everyone involved; from the Cunningham family, the Shalom staff, and the Zazzy Bandz family for this opportunity to refresh at Shalom.

Our friends at The Peniel Centre Orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe provide a home to these children, we now call “our children”. “To whom much is given, much is required”—the vision in this verse stands as a call to serve.  Thank you for being a part of this bigger vision to provide the children with their haven.  Thanks to each one of you who has purchased a Zazzy Bandz.  You are part of something bigger than a headband.  





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