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School Bells are Ringing Again!

After months of a complete lockdown in Zimbabwe, Peniel students returned to school on September 6th! Lockdown was very tough for the people of Zimbabwe. All businesses closed at 3 p.m. daily and everyone had to be sheltered in place by 6 p.m. Roadblocks were prevalent. One did not want to be out past curfew.

During the lockdown, the children were not able to do sporting activities outside the Centre. Once the lockdown measures were lifted, several of the children restarted team soccer allowing them to play outside of Peniel. According to Gideon, “Those who are above 14 years of age are eligible to be vaccinated. Thank God some of them have already gone through the vaccination process. At this present time, no children nor staffers have Covid. On a sad note, in early August, Peniel Centre Orphanage lost one of the children’s counselors to COVID-19. This was very difficult for the students.”

Gideon continued, “All of our children are excited to be returning to school. They look forward to being with other children.” The children were even excited to be readying their school uniforms and preparing to return to schoolwork. Over the next few months, we will be sharing photos of them and their stories from the new school year.

In this update, we highlight four of the older students who will be writing their exit exams this school year. These students are at the point in their education where they will sit to write their exams, praying their scores are such that they will be placed at their choice for the next educational setting. Here are photos and a short snapshot of who they are.

Four students who are writing their exams

Lizwe attends How Mine High School.
Nodumo attends How Mine High School.
Elisha is a delightful young man who desires to become a businessman. He is presently in his fourth year of high school.

This lovely, smiling lady wants to be a lawyer. She is completing Arts Subjects at the Advanced Level. If she passes, she will be able to attend University to study law. Gideon also tells us that she possesses the necessary leadership skills that impressed her school to choose her to be a prefect at the school. That is a high honor.

We will be sending photos of their new pre-school once it's fully equipped. That may be a blog by itself. How exciting to offer educational opportunities to their youngest.

We are including a highlight of the staff member who will be heading up the preschool at Peniel. 
Grace Makoni is in charge of the infants and is in the process of opening the pre-school.” They are waiting on equipment for the pre-school before opening the facility. Gideon promises more photos once this new opportunity to serve opens at Peniel. We have upcoming exciting news to share about a special trip our Peniel Centre students are taking. No more now, but it will bless your heart when you hear about the adventure, our students are about to experience.

As COVID-19 reshaped how we see the world, we remain positive and hopeful for the youth at Peniel. Our friends at The Peniel Centre Orphanage continue to provide the children a safe place they call home. Thanks to everyone who has purchased Zazzy Bandz over the years. Your support of our business helps extend aid to this oasis of hope in this southern African country. “To whom much is given, much is required”—the vision in this verse stands as our call to serve. Thank you for being a part of this bigger vision.


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