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School has started! Good things are happening!

It's always good to know your WHY when you have a small business.  Our WHY centers around Peniel Centre Orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Since our inception, we have been commited to support basic and educational goals for the children who make Peniel home. Our Zazzy Bandz customers make this possible with each purchase. 

As the new school year begins, Gideon, the Head Master of Peniel, gives us cause to be happy for their success.  The work at Peniel continues with new challenges providing new opportunities to serve.

"Good news!  Nqobile and Natsha have now started University.  Nqobile is at Midlands State University and Natasha is at National University of Science and Technology studying engineering!" Gideon adds, “Thank you so much for all the support that you are rendering to these wonderful children, it could really be difficult without your support. Thank you for your support in the midst of all challenges that we go through right here in Zimbabwe.”

Sharing Kudzis story: Gideon tells us “Kudzi’s parents got divorced while she was still very young. She was left by both parents, landing in an abusive situation with a relative. Kudzi felt no option but to run away and join other street girls having completed only the 2nd year of primary education.  When our Peniel Team began ministering to local street children, we met the 14 year-old Kudzi.  It didn’t take us long to see she was very excited about learning and was willing to let us help her with secure accommodations at Peniel." 

"Taking full advantage of living in a loving and nurturing home like Peniel, Kudzi now has a future. Our staff members encourage her, helping her understand the importance of education.   Thank you so much that your support is going a long way in rescuing such girls and in giving them a better future.” 

Gideon and his staff work tirelessly to provide for the children of Bulawayo, for those in their direct care and those on the street who must fend for themselves.  We are honored to be a part of helping Gideon and his staff.  As you look to buy, please know  a portion of each Zazzy Bandz purchase goes to Peniel Centre Orphanage and their mission to provide children the hope of a productive and fruitful future.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is across the pond and then some from America, yet, we are helping previously unwanted homeless children have their forever home. “To whom much is given, much is required”-  Thank you for being a part of a larger vision by purchasing Zazzy Bandz.

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