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The Dreams of Children from Peniel


The best “part of” Peniel are the children.

The children are orphans for various reasons. Peniel Centre Orphanage offers a safe place for these children to grow and mature into young, productive adults. Peniel assists them with extracurricular instruction and remediation to meet the needs of each young person.

Whether the children dream of college or a future technical/ service career, the house parents and staff instill in these young people the desire to be their best. As covered in our last blog, solar panels make available electricity and water to the students as they study and prepare for exams. For a bit of clarity, these exams determine whether a child goes to the next LEVEL of school helping prepare them for university/ professional career or for a technical or service career. Therefore, your purchase from Zazzy Bandz in essence helps these children achieve their dreams.

Gideon shared how thrilled they were to learn of the successful exams by the children. Four of the children who took their “O” LEVEL exams did exceptionally well and are excited to proceed to the Advanced Level of high school. Peniel staff is now looking for educational placement opportunities where these students will continue their advanced studies. Other students are involved in career skills training that will help them earn a good living along with independence as young adults. We hope you enjoy meeting some of the children helped with every Zazzy Bandz purchase.*

Pride Sibanda

He excelled in eight out of ten subjects. He wants to be an Engineer. Please pray that Pride gets a place for the ADVANCED LEVEL in one of the schools in Bulawayo. Prayer is greatly appreciated for him in this process. Another child with a dream… I guess this just got a big asterisk on my prayer list! 


Kudakwashe Milton

He excelled in six out of eight subjects. Kudakwashe envisions himself as an entrepreneur after completing school. With this vision, he will be taking Commercial (business) subjects when he attends the lower six this year. I am pleased to say Kudakwashe has already been given a place for the ADVANCED LEVEL of high school.


Zibusiso Mgumigwa

He excelled in five of eight subjects. Zibusiso has such a heart for children, especially vulnerable children at Peniel. His father passed away before he turned one. His mother abandoned him when her mother died. As a result of his difficult early years and his growth at Peniel, he has a strong passion to transform the lives of other children from hard backgrounds. He is also looking forward to the ADVANCED LEVEL. He would like to become a pastor and/or social worker. This young man needs our prayers for him to be able to finish his education well. 


Nicole Dube

She excelled in five or eight subjects. Nicole, known as the student who smiles, came to Peniel Centre after her mother passed away. In her time with the staff and students at Peniel, Nicole is maturing into a strong, practical young lady with a desire to develop her skills in garment-making. She did very well on her exams and is praying she is given the opportunity to finish her garment-making training. 



Brandon Mbambo

He came to us as a small, very young child. Due to God’s faithfulness in Brandon’s life, he is growing into a fine young man. Brandon is working hard to pass his exam. In the meantime, he is doing Carpentry training at Peniel Centre but would also like to be trained for motor mechanics in the future. With the guidance and love that he receives from Peniel, Brandon will be prepared for life and work as he becomes an adult. 


Wellington Sibanda

He came to Peniel, small in stature and age.  Just this past year, the staff at Peniel was able to acquire his birth certificate. Without this identity document, Wellington has suffered the emotional weight of uncertainty.  Now that he has the birth certificate, Wellington has the opportunity to work toward dreaming of a good future. 



She is a very practical person who has a dream of owning her own catering business. She will be working to improve her skills in the subjects she needs to pass. In the meantime, she is also working in the skills development program to better prepare her for her future dreams.   


To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48) is one of the thoughts driving Zazzy Bandz® folk to give beyond our borders. Zazzy Bandz® is blessed to support Peniel Centre Orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The above-mentioned children are living examples of planting seeds and watching them grow…. Seeds need watering, fertilizer, and sun to become food or beautiful flowers! Just like healthy plants, these children, once those basic needs are met,  flourish!    

More to Come!

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*Zazzy Bandz has express permission to share the students’ names and photos with you.

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