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Two Sisters Supporting Zimbabwe

Many of you know we love the children of Peniel Orphanage in Zimbabwe. But did you know the creator of Zazzy Bandz, Dr. Janet Purkey, first got introduced to this wonderful mission through her sister? Right now her sister, Jane Beaty, and bro-in-law, Dr. Steve Beaty, are back in Zimbabwe for a bit. Their love for Jesus leads them back to the people they love in Zimbabwe teaching surgical techniques at the Richard Morris Eye Hospital. The organization is called "Eye Care for the Needy". You can read the story below. It's a beautiful story. Please pray for this wonderful couple as they continue to strive to help others. 💗 They share:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have been in Zimbabwe for a week now, and have been busy since arriving from the US. Steve has been teaching surgical techniques at the Richard Morris Eye Hospital, and today he will be working on a gentleman who has a large skin cancer invading the whole lower lid. This will require a procedure to remove the whole lid and reconstruct it using a sliding flap from his face, so it will be difficult several hours as he teaches this to one of the doctors at the hospital. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on this.

The day before yesterday we traveled out almost 4 hours to conduct an eye camp at a rural school. The road was very bad, and it was almost noon when we arrived. There was a crowd of almost 100 people patiently waiting for us in the hot sun, and we set up our instruments and glasses in one of the classrooms. Of course, the school teachers came first to be examined, followed by the men before the women (as is the culture). However, we were able to see and treat over 100 people, and there was rejoicing as many were able to see with their ‘new’ glasses. The Word was preached and a number also responded to the Good News. The drive back was easier as we ate our lunch at 6 pm and felt the joy of having given hope to many who came to see us.

Our dear friend, John Illges, has been helping us and also has been providing advice and input to several faith-based organizations here on their accounting and financial matters. The other day, he was riding back with a friend of ours to where we are staying, and the head of a cobra snake popped up over the hood of the car. Our friend who was driving started screaming, and several cars that were coming towards them turned down the street where they stopped. A crowd gathered while they used sticks to open the hood and chased the 6-foot cobra out onto the road. While several men attempted to beat it with sticks, it slithered quickly into the long grass at the side of the road, escaping to hitch a ride another day…. well, surprises happen in Africa every day!

Thank you for your prayers as we continue the work here, and bring hope and joy to many who need it. We will continue to bring news of our work here, and appreciate the privilege of using our skills and talents to help the people of Zimbabwe.

Steve and Jane Beaty

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