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Update from Peniel Orphanage

Update from Peniel Orphanage

Dear Janet,

Peniel Centre family would like to hereby acknowledge receiving $700 from you through Di. Thank you so much for your unwavering support towards Peniel Centre, we are so much grateful. The support really came at the right time when one of the girls had a ruptured appendix and needed to go for an operation. Thank you so much the operation was very much successful and the girl is now recovering from home. Thank you for partnering with us in improving the quality of life of these wonderful children.

They are all currently on school holiday and will be starting going back to school at the beginning of next month. We have got some teachers who are coming to provide extra lessons to our children at Peniel  Centre this holiday since some of them are slow learners who always struggle to understand when teachers are teaching. We pray and hope that these children would do well in school and therefore have a better fruitful life after  Centre. 

We are so much grateful.


Gideon & Jennifer  

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