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Yolanda Receives a Science Award.

Dear Zazzy Bandz friends,

Warmest greetings from the winter weather of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We are so much grateful to you for all the support that you are rendering to our Peniel children, your support is surely going a long way in transforming the lives of these children. Please find herein how Yolanda, who once was hopeless, has become one of the best in her school class.

It is really a blessing to let you know that this wonderful and beautiful young girl got a Merit Award at school for being the best in Combined Science Subject in Ordinary level class. We are really grateful to you for all the support that you are rendering to this young lady and others, for it is because of your support that they are able to excel at school. If it had not been for your support, she could not have reached where she has reached so far. Her mother died when she was still a small baby, actually, she doesn’t remember what her mother looked like. She became one of the hopeless young children without a mother, a home, a family, and without hope for the future up until she came to Peniel Centre where she was helped to look at the future with a positive eye. She believes that she will be one of the young people to pioneer a new path of hope for vulnerable girls. When she came to Peniel Centre, she didn’t have a birth certificate. This contributed heavily to her despising herself because she would be denied all opportunities to participate in public events at school. We thank God for all our staff members who fought for seven years to ensure that this girl gets an identity document, and because of it, she will be able to write her ‘O’level exams this year. The acquisition of the birth certificate really boosted her confidence hence she got an award for being the best in Science. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you for partnering with us to bring hope and brighten such children's future.

💗 With much gratitude, Gideon & Jennifer, caretakers of Peniel Centre Orphanage

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