Zazzy Bandz featured on TV, channel FOX5!

August 06, 2018

Zazzy Bandz featured on TV, channel FOX5! | Zazzy Bandz

Thank you Amanda Mushro

Amanda Mushro is a mom of two and a Lifestyle/Mom/Family writer and personality. If you love a good life hack, parenting tips that make life a whole lot easier, super easy DIY, and tips and tricks that make you say “Holy Moly, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!” she will share it all!

And she did just that for Zazzy Bandz! Why? Because it is true. Zazzy Bandz, a redesigned headband, is so easy to use. Need a quick style that gives your hair a lift and is comfortable to wear all day? That's us. But, what is more, important is the fact that we have a passion for giving. It all starts with you. First, you have to purchase a Zazzy Bandz.

Next, we have each Zazzy Band wrapped by very special women. These women come from a very special organization called  A Hand Up For Women, Knox County Christian Women's Job Corps located in Knoxville, TN. The ladies who come are from all backgrounds. They are single, married, or divorced. They are young, middle-aged and elderly; black, white, and Hispanic; are life-long Christians or have no relationship with God. But, they are all family here! AND, it doesn't stop here.

Once our Zazzy Bandz are wrapped and sent to wonderful women like yourself, a portion of the proceeds are then sent to Peniel Orphanage in Zimbabwe.  Our heart loves how Peniel caregivers provide not only physical, spiritual and emotional nourishment but also education through high school and beyond. So, your purchase helps to educate a child.

We appreciate you buying and wearing our unique headband as it helps us help others! Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good with Zazzy Bandz!

For a limited time, we are having a BOGO. Save $11.95 when you buy two Zazzy Bandz. Use promo code: FOX and you'll get a FREE Tortoiseshell Zazzy Bandz. It all starts here.

Size Chart

Enhance the fit, feel, and look that is right for you.

The dimensions of both Zazzy Bandz are the same. However, the Slim Relaxed Fit with it's ergonomic design is slightly more flexible and will feel looser on the head compared to the Original Fit.

Original Fit

Perfect for those with an average head size. 

Slim Relaxed Fit

Perfect for those with an average to larger head size and those with increased sensitivity.

Options for Wearing Zazzy Bandz: