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With the right Face Shape + Hair Type, achieve the perfect fit.

Two ways we recommend wearing Zazzy Bandz

First Option

Like Wearing Your Sunglasses

Video Credit: @georgiagirlcurls

Second Option

Pull Back a Small Section of Hair

Video Credit: @curls.of.anna


How Each Fit is Different

The Original Fit and Slim Relaxed Fit offer different feet placement. The Original feet curve around the ear, while the Slim Relaxed feet curve away from the ear with the curve in the opposite direction. Refer to picture

Do you see the difference?

Do you see the difference?

Wear your Zazzy Bandz in the direction as seen in the photo here. Do you notice the curve in the corners?

We would like no air between the band and your head in your photos. Refer to image.

Have questions? Send us a picture and we will help you achieve the perfect fit.

How We Pick Special Features:

1. No air between the band and your head as seen above.
2. The ZB is best pushed back so it doesn’t look square on the front of your head.
4. Posts images and videos that are not blurry.

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